Science Communicator and Presenter

Having struggled to enjoy science during my school years, (despite the exasperated efforts of my teachers!) my journey into the world of science communication began later in life at the age of 23. It was 2015. I was in the middle of my Masters degree in Clinical Anatomy at Queen’s University in Belfast when I spotted a tweet about a competition called ‘FameLab’. The premise was simple…explain a scientific concept in three minutes in front of a live audience using the rule of the three Cs: content, clarity and charisma.

Fast forward four months, and I had been crowned the best science communicator in Northern Ireland….and then the UK….and ultimately one of the top nine science communicators in the world! I had turned the world of science on its head. I didn’t talk about the science they teach in school. I became fascinated by the science behind everyday human behaviours. Specifically, ‘sexy science‘-the science of kissing, love, and flirting. The journey didn’t end with ‘FameLab’. In fact, it was only getting started. My ‘FameLab’ journey generated much interest around the nation. Northern Ireland’s media featured me in newspapers, across social media and on radio shows throughout my journey. For more information, see Media

And so I began travelling around the UK and Ireland delivering humourous and quirky talks on all things science. There was this almost contagious idea that I could make science funny, exciting, relevant, and most importantly, accessible to all. I was the antithesis of every science teacher you’ve ever had, yet I was teaching people that science is important by making it entertaining. Please take a look at my Events page to check out all the weird and wonderful places I’ve performed at since.

This year I was named the winner of the International Science Stars competition in Kazakhstan, Central Asia-it’s pretty cool to have a world science communication title!

From October 3rd 2017, I’m the presenter of a brand new BBC Radio Ulster show, ‘Science and Stuff with Emer Maguire’. Every Tuesday at 10pm from October 3rd I’ll be talking all things science and tech. From new Northern Ireland start ups, to the latest tech advances and weird science, tune in or listen online at BBC Radio Ulster

You can also watch and listen to clips from “Science and Stuff with Emer Maguire” and hear about my favourite moments from the show HERE

Finally, to see videos of some of my talks and performances (plus take part in some live experiments!) you can see me in action HERE

To keep up to date with my science and presenting events, you can like my science communication facebook page at Emer Maguire: Science Communicator on facebook