See me in action

Below is a small sample of some videos of my talks and performances. If you would like to see more, just search Emer Maguire on Youtube and Google.

Promotional Showreel
If you want an overview of the type of events I perform at, an idea of my style (and most important, a look at LOTS of tweets saying wonderful things about me and my work) check out my promotional showreel video by clicking HERE

One of my award winning talks
Want to check out my talk that won me the title of best science communicator in the whole of the UK?! To watch my performance of my award winning “Science of Love” talk in London’s packed Bloomsbury Theatre, click HERE

Duet with Astronaut Chris Hadfield
As part of my BBC Radio Ulster show, “Science and Stuff with Emer Maguire”, I had the fantastic opportunity to meet and interview astronaut Chris Hadfield. Commander Hadfield went viral when he recorded himself performing Space Oddity in a music video  on the International Space Station in 2013. During our interview I was lucky enough to get to perform an impromptu duet with him on David Bowie’s classic Space Oddity. The original video has 38 million views, and it was an honour to sing the song with him. You can watch the video of our duet HERE

Emer Maguire at TEDx
TEDx talks are pretty cool, right? Well I was lucky enough to give a TEDx talk in an extended version of my ‘Science of Love’ talk. Check it out HERE

Musical Science Comedy
Sometimes you just have to sing science comedy songs that you’ve written about beavers falling in love…am I right?
When I performed at Bright Club Dublin, I sang two of my science comedy songs “Beaver Love (An Animal Love Song)” and “A Scientifically Accurate Love Song”. If you’re intrigued, click HERE

Live Experiments with BBC Radio Ulster at W5
Educator Sean Greer from W5 in Belfast taught me some science through some cool live experiments. And we caught the whole thing on camera!
Check out our slime making video HERE
Our Vitamin C rocket video HERE
And our bubble monster video HERE

Thinking Digital Women
Aside from my music and science communication work, I work full time as a speech and language therapist. Therefore it’s no surprise to hear I have a keen interest and passion for all things communication. When I was the co-host of the amazing Thinking Digital Women, I also gave a lecture entitled “Communication Through the Ages: The Digital Dawn”. You can see me in action HERE

Performing the theme song I wrote for my BBC science radio show (Song title: Thanks to Science)
My musical and science worlds collided when I wrote the theme tune for my BBC science radio show, “Science and Stuff with Emer Maguire”. I played an acoustic version of the song live in the BBC studios…check out the video HERE